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Aerial Inspections

Aerial Inspections are notoriously slow, expensive and often carry a high degree of risk. Helicam Services use the latest UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology to drastically reduced each of these factors.

We work with a wide range of commercial and private clients across the UK and Europe to deliver quick, safe and cost-effective solutions to aerial inspections.  Our team of CAA approved UAV operators will give you access to invaluable information about an asset’s condition allowing you to make critical operational or maintenance decisions.

We are able to capture high resolution still photographs, 4K video and thermal imaging footage of areas that are often difficult and some times impossible to access by traditional means. We work alongside some of Europe’s leading inspection companies to help their engineers gain additional information which ultimately makes for a more informed and comprehensive report.

Our specially adapted vans allow our customers to video a live video stream as the inspection is taking place, this helps ensure that nothing is missed and that areas can be marked for a closer inspection.


Here are the three main advantages we over traditional aerial inspections


Aerial inspections are usually slow due to a number of factors, such as the health and safety issues around personal working at heights and the large clumberson equipment that’s required such as scaffolding or cherry pickers.  Helicam Services eradicates these issues


We remove the need for people to work at heights and while doing aerial inspections and there offer your a safer working environment.


Helicam Services offers a far more cost effective solution to aerial inspections than traditional methods. Not only will there be a cost saving on down time of commercail operations but also on heavy equipment, in most situations due to the small footprint required by our operators there is now impact to day to day commercial operations .


Here are some of the main industries we work with and off aerial inspection support too

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