Sedgwick Aerial Survey Instruction Form

Welcome to Helicam Services Ltd. As part of our service contract with Sedgwick, we are on hand to deliver a quick, safe and cost effective solution to aerial surveys nationwide.

We Provide:

A National Service

We have commercial UAV operators in most major cities across the UK and Ireland.

Rapid Response

Our centralised hub in the North West of England allows us to turn surveys around quickly, securely and effectively.

Precision Flying

We don’t just capture the scale of the loss but also the finer details which are often difficult to access and in unsafe areas.

Track Record

We have been working with Sedgwick for the past five years and covered hundreds of aerial survey’s across the country.


We understand that most losses are time critical so please fill out as much of this form as possible to provide us with the information we need to turnaround the survey quickly and effectively.

On completion of this form we will carry out the initial checks and then contact you to arrange a suitable date for the survey. If any additional documentation is needed please forward it to

If you have any questions or technical issues please do not hesitate in calling us on 01257 431127 or emailing


We understand that UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or drones as most people know them are a relatively new concept and if you haven’t worked with them before you will no-doubt have questions about their capabilities and the laws and legislation surrounding them. 

These FAQs will hopefully answer some of your questions, if not please do not hesitate in calling us on 01257 431127 or contacting us at 

Who are Helicam Services?

Based out of our offices in the North West of England we have been providing Sedgwick with a quick, safe, secure and cost effective aerial surveys solution for the past five years.

We have commercial UAV operators in most major cities across Britain which allows us to offer a fully integrated national service with quick turn around times, a single point of contact and above all consistent high quality surveys.

With hundreds of insurance surveys carried out over the years our team are very experienced and understand the requirements of the loss adjuster.  As standard all of our operators come equipped with several UAV’s, cameras, lenses and all the relevant PPE, documentation to ensure that the survey is carried out effectively.

Does a loss adjuster need to meet you on site?

The simple answer is no, but this is down to the loss adjusters discretion.  Each survey is different and has different requirements and time scales.

Some losses especially major losses are difficult to see from the ground, the emergency services often cordon off large areas in the initial stages whilst the area is being made safe.  If the adjuster meets us on site we can supply them with a second monitor with a live feed from the UAV, this will allow them and their team ie structural engineers and forensic investigators to get a good understanding of the loss from a safe area.

Alternatively, the adjuster may have already visited the site or decide that their time would be better spent visiting at a later date.  In this case, we would capture all the relevant footage and have it processed and uploaded to the Sedgwick servers within a maximum of 24hrs of visiting.

What are your turn around times?

We can be on site within 24hrs of receiving the instruction and depending on the scale of the survey we can usually have it uploaded to the Sedgwick servers and delivered to the adjuster by the following day. 

What are commercial UAV operators?

A commercial UAV operator is an individual who is insured and licensed by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to fly UAV’s aka drones commercially in the UK.  This license is called a PfCO (Permissions for Commercial Operations) and is renewed each year.

In order to obtain a PfCO the operator needs to undertake a certified course to learn about the law and legislation regarding UAV’s and needs to pass both a written and a practical a competency test.

On passing the course they will need to write an operations manual to show their safe operating practices and procedures, and have the manual passed by the CAA.

What height and distance can you fly?

As a general rule, legally in the UK you can fly a maximum height of 400ft (122m) above the ground (take off point) and 500m away from the operator (1km radius).  These distances can vary depending on the location but line of sight must be kept at all times.

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